must have competition has been held for three years. Its purpose is to select the most interesting products from Polish designers or manufacturers. The market is screened and the most valuable examples are selected by the specially appointed Board of Experts composed of representatives of media and major design centres. Nominated products not only must be made in Poland but they also must be available for purchase in the market.
must have is a quality mark affixed free of charge. The companies may use it in the Polish and international markets. It has been conceived to showcase the good Polish design and thus promote Polish business and designers.

This year, 350 projects was qualified to the first stage of the competition – including products nominated by the Board of Experts and those entered directly by manufacturers. The Board of Experts has recognised 68 of them. They will be displayed to the public in October, during the next edition of the must have exhibition.

Composition of the Board of Experts:
Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka – Programme Director, School of Form
Marta Lubaszewska – journalist / owner and designer, Pani Pieska brand
Zuzanna Skalska – Trend Research Consultant – Vanberlo
Ewa Solarz – editor of the “DomplusDom” online advisory magazine
Małgorzata Szczepańska – editor-in-chief, “Elle Decoration”
Ewa Trzcionka – editor-in-chief, “Design Alive”

“Mosty Przez Wisłę” [Bridges over the Vistula] Game / designed by: Emilka Bojańczyk, Diana Gawronkiewicz
/ produced by: Podpunkt /
Alexander’s Seven Stones / designed by: Arkadiusz Majewski / produced by: Red Bird /
Paper Toys or Aesop’s Fables / graphic design by: Sylwia Mendyk, texts: Łukasz Tyma / produced by: Fold me!
“Kolejka” [Queue] Game / designed by: Karol Madaj / graphics: Natalia Baranowska, Marta Malesińska
/ produced by: IPN /
The Poor Toys / designed by: Bartek Mucha / produced by: Poorex /
Toll’s Toy / designed by: Gregorz Cholewiak / produced by: Drache Und Baer
Mikrozwierzęta [Microanimals] / designed and produced by: Kuba Morkowski
Domek na zabawki [House for Toys] / designed by: Agnieszka Zielińska-Chmura / produced by: Mukaki
Bawa Table / designed by: Klaudia Kuhn / produced by: Interior Records /
Wigry 7 Bicycle / designed by: Zespół Romet / produced by: Romet /
FSO M20.02 Watch / designed by: Adam Tomaszewski / produced by: Xicorr /
Hochglance – Coal and Silver Jewellery / designed by: Kaja Nosal, Bogna Polańska, Roma Skuza
/ produced by: Pracownia Bro.Kat /
Sleeper Glasses / designed by: Kasia Łupińska / produced by: Massada /
STRUKTU – Concrete Jewellery / designed by: Sylwia Kochaniec, Marek Sułek / produced by: Stage&Design
Shanghai Bag / designed by: Ania Kuczyńska / produced by: Ania Kuczyńska /
XC3 Rucksack / designed by: Wojciech Kłapcia / produced by: Pajak Sport /
SenSenia Bedclothes / designed by: Maria Witecka, Magda Jonas-Poławska / produced by: SenSenia
SenSenia Mini Bedclothes / designed by: Maria Witecka, Magda Jonas-Poławska / produced by: SenSenia
Noc Kupały [Midsummer Night] Kilim / designed by: Ewa Bochen, Maciej Jelski / produced by: Kosmos Projekt /
Penta Discs / designed by: Massive Design / produced by: DuPont /
Beza Washtub / designed by: Beza Projekt / produced by: DuPont /
DOT Mirror / designed by: Katarzyna Okińczyc / produced by: Miior /
Circles Tables / designed by: Maria Jeglińska / produced by: Ligne Roset /
4You Table / designed by: Piotr Kuchciński, Joanna Leciejewska / produced by: meble VOX
Swing Bench / designed by: Jan Kochański / produced by: Delivie /
Trefle Stool Seats / designed by: Piotr Kuchciński / produced by: Noti /
Diago Chair / designed by: Tomek Kempa, Filip Ludka, Megi Malinowska / produced by: Tabanda
RM58 and RM56 Armchairs / designed by: Roman Modzelewski / produced by: Vzór /
Prop Armchair / designed by: Nikodem Szpunar / produced by: Paged /
Hover Sofa / designed by: Studio Rygalik / produced by: PROFIm /
MAX 42 and MAX 43 Table and Benches / designed by: Wayne Maxwell Design / produced by: Dller /
3+ Chair / designed by: Oskar Zięta / produced by: Zieta Prozessdesign /
Climb Shelf, Hyde Shelf / designed by: Bashko Trybek / produced by: LaChance /
PILOU Radiator / designed by: Nonegrupa – T. Krzempek, M. Szaban / produced by: Terma Technologie
Cero Urinal / designed by: Sanitec Design Group / produced by: Sanitec Koło /
Illumia Exhaust Hood / designed by: Łukasz Paszkowski / produced by: Ciarko /
Colmiaa Dumb-bells / designed by: Marcin Gacek / produced by: Atepaa /
“Kto to widział?” [Who Has Ever Seen Such Thnings?] Book / written by: Izabela Koczkodaj, illustrations by: Agata Dudek, Małgorzata Nowak / published by: Dwie Siostry /
“Mapy” [Maps] Book/ text and illustrations by: Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński / published by: Dwie Siostry /