We are waiting for propositions of exhibitions, installations which correspond with the main theme of the festival, i.e. Awareness.

The concepts may either have a form of collective presentations, or concern only one artist or one project. All of them, however, must meet the criteria of an original presentation.

The application shall constitute a closed curator’s concept and be described in a transparent way, taking into consideration all elements necessary for its presentation (required area, venue, other specific requirements and additional equipment if needed).

From among the submitted propositions we will choose the most interesting ones and provide them with exhibition space during the Łódź Design 2012. We will also include them into the festival’s programme, what means that they will be promoted as a part of this event. Information about the exhibition will be available on the festival’s website, as well as in press and promotional materials.

Individuals or institutions interested in presenting their projects during the 6th International Design Festival in Lodz – Łódź Design 2012 – are invited to submit their propositions via e-mail to the address: openprogramme@lodzartcenter.com.

E-mail must include:
1. Applicant’s portfolio (CV, profile of the organization, portfolio).
2. Information on the nature of the project – exhibition, workshop, other form of participation in the festival.
3. Document describing the project, which must include:
– project’s title and description (main idea, key themes, justification of the project realization);
– precise description of the project (in the case of exhibitions: number of objects, data regarding the participants, photographs of objects, detailed description of objects including information on size, materials from which objects were made);
– information on the suggested arrangement (preferably in the form of visualization);
– information on technical requirements for the project (e.g. lighting, sound, etc.).
4. Additional information, important for selection of the submitted applications.
5. Information on possible project’s sponsors or financial partners and on commitments towards them, related to presentation of the project (display of a logotype, promotional materials, etc.).
6. Please enter the project’s title into the topic of your e-mail.

Template application form – Open Programme

If possible, the Applicant shall also send information on possible locations for the presentation of the project (e.g. in galleries and cultural institutions with which the Applicant cooperates).

Propositions can be submitted until 06.30.2012 inclusive.

Applications can be submitted only in English or Polish.

The selection process will be closed until 30.07.2012. The organizers will contact only with authors of the selected projects. The organizers reserve the right to contact the applicants during the selection process in order to supplement the information about the project.

Information on conditions for participation in the Open Programme section of the Łódź Design Festival 2012
1. The organizers of the Łódź Design Festival provide:
– exhibition space in the Łódź Design Festival 2012,
– promotion of the project as part of the standard promotional activities of the festival,
– project coordinator working at the festival.
2. The authors of the selected projects are required to cover all costs related to the organization of the project.
3. Detailed cooperation conditions  between projects’ authors and the organizers of Łódź Design Festival 2012 will be governed by a separate agreement.