The Open Programme is our response to your growing interest in the possibility of presenting your works. Every year more and more of you are attracted to the opportunity of letting your projects become part of the festival. The Open Programme translates into space for exhibitions, installations and projects submitted to the Programme by design groups. The multitude of presentation genres and techniques determines the added value of this festival element.

Works qualified for the Open Programme:

Operacja Książ (Operation “Książ”) (2012-2013) – exhibition, curator: Monika Patuszyńska
Drzewo (The Tree) (2012) – collective exhibition, curator: Jarosław Hulbój
Art Food 2013 – collective exhibition of students of the School of Form and the Royal College of Art, curator: Marek Cecuła
Wokół Stołu (At the Table) (2013) – collective exhibition presenting the works of students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, curator: the collective of students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Współczesne Improwizacje (Modern Improvisations) (2013) – collective exhibition, curator: Tabanda Group
Polskie Red Doty (Polish Red Dots) (2013) – exhibition, curator: Czesława Frejlich

Additionally, we have decided, that some projects, which were submitted for the Open Programme, will be shown in other parts of our festival programme in the city area.

Works qualified for the Strefa Miasta (City Zone):

Co Opowiadają Odpowiedzialne Opakowania (Stories Told and Untold of Responsible Packages) (2010-2013) – collective exhibition of students of the Package and Brand Design Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, curator: Maciej Konopka
Ćwiartka (Quarter) (2013) – collective exhibition of students of the Furniture Design Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, curators: Szymon Hanczar and Magdalena Garncarz
Na styku (At the Meeting Point) (2013) – collective exhibition, curator: Agata Kulik-Pomorska & Paweł Pomorski, MALAFOR
Wyspa Piccolo (Piccolo Island), installation (2013) – curator: LATALAdesign
Nowa FORMA (New FORM) (2013) – collective exhibition, curator: Wawrzyniec Walczak
Origami (2012) – individual review, curator: Sylwia Sroka
Prace domowe (Home Works) (2013) – individual review, curator: Marta Morawska
Stół za 100 (Table for a Hundred) (2012) – collective exhibition of students of the Furniture Design Sudio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, curators: Szymon Hanczar and Magdalena Garncarz
Struktura (Structure) (2013) – installation, curator: Anna Wręga
The Spirit of Poland (2013) – collective exhibition, curator: Monika Brauntsch
Zużycie sztuki (Art Consumption) (2013) – collective exhibition, curator: Gold Form Creators’ Association
WellDone Dobre Rzeczy (2011), installation – curator: Jadwiga Husarska
P^3= Projekt Pawilon Parametryczny (P^3= Parametric Pavilion Project) (2013) – presentation, curator: Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Lodz University of Technology
Projektowanie Plus Przemysł, Wzornictwo Plus Przemysł (Designing Plus Industry, Design Plus Industry) (2013) – conference, curator: Anna Miarka and Krzysztof Chróścielewski
Wzornictwo i przemysł (Design and Industry) (2012-2013), collective exhibition – curator: Krzysztof Chróścielewski

Works qualified for the Programme:

TUTKI (2013) – Katarzyna Herman-Janiec
Eco-design workshop (2013) – Scenography and Animation Studio “Ferwork”
weźMy SIĘ ZA SIEBIE (Take a Grip) (2013) – Natalia Siódmak/ZetPety

Project qualified for Remade Market:

Shop of Form (2012) – Olga Milczyńska/School of Form