Lodz Design Festival is an event which, since its creation in 2007, has been the ground for thought and experience exchange for artistic circles who identify with design in general, and for business. The efforts of the organizer – Lodz Art Center – and the support of many partners made it possible for the festival to become the largest Polish event on design only a few years after it had been launched as a local, minor exhibition. The festival presents design in its various modes – starting from industrial design, through arts and crafts, graphic design, architecture, up to fashion.

The key point of Lodz Design Festival is always a thematic main programme consisting of curator exhibitions. It is developed and completed by open and varied range of accompanying events. The most important are: lectures held by world renowned specialists, contest for young designers “make me!” and a portfolio review which enables the students and graduates of art schools to confront their ideas directly with professionals (curators, designers and producers).

Lodz Design Festival – presentation
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Lodz Design 2011 in numbers:
- in the period between 20 and 30 October 2011, nearly 44,000 people participated in Łódź Design 2011 event, including about 12,000 visitors during the Main Weekend (20-23.10.2011),
- over 6,000 people attended lectures,
- about 400 children took part in Educreation programme (workshops, walks, playroom),
- about 600 people attended film screenings,
- about 400 accredited journalists,
- over 60 exhibitions,
- over 420 artists who co-created the Festival,
- over 1000 publications in the media,
- events in over 20 places in Łódź,
- we collaborated with over 130 volunteers and over 80 partners,
- 10,000 square metres of Festival Centre area.

Lodz Design Festival 2011 – presentation


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For information about programme please contact::

Małgorzata Żmijska
Lodz Design Programme Director
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